Desteni Farm Sanctuary

The Desteni Farm is a smallholding located in South Africa that is home to an assortment of different animals and people from different walks of life.

South Africa is a place that, while having good legal protection of animal rights on paper, does not enforce those rights most of the time. This coupled with a high poverty rate means that there are many animals that suffer needlessly at the hands of people or simple neglect. It also means that in the informal settlements (commonly referred to as "townships", animals are left to live semi-feral and breed prolifically (and are generally disdained by the local population).

We have made it our mission in life to support, rehabilitate and nurture animals, plants and the earth as best as we are able - and this is why we have decided to create this profile on Patreon. The more support we receive in the form of funding, the more animals we can support in return. There are currently 7 horses, 20 cats, 5 parrots, 60+ chickens, 3 goats, 13 dogs and a bunch of ducks living on the farm. Our vision is to buy a massive piece of land that will allow us to rescue and rehabilitate any and all kinds of animals. We want to create a safe haven for Life - and we need your help to do it.

We do our best to support the wildlife and nature around us. We feed the wild birds in the winter time, or when there's a drought and food is scarce. We mark out and do our best to nurture the indigenous trees and plants that sprout on the property by marking them out and keeping them from being smothered by grasses and weeds. We have a strict catch and release policy for any wild animals that come into our living space.

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